Saturday, October 14th from 12pm-4pm

Come join us at LVBC for our Fall Family Festival!  Everything is FREE!  We will have Food, Games, Pony Rides, Bounce House, a Fire Truck and Police Car and much more, including performances by the Hughesville Cheerleaders and the Katie Benson School of Dance.

Fall Festival large


We're excited to host our next First Place 4 Health group starting on Thursday, September 7th.  Group metings will be held on Thursdays from 6:30pm - 7:45pm.  Additional information about First Place 4 Health is included below.  If you're interested in joining our group, please contact:

Bea Brown 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What Is First Place 4 Health?

The First Place 4 Health program is the result of a godly desire placed in the hearts of a group of Christians in Houston, Texas, in 1981. Their desire was to establish a Christ-centered weight-control program that addressed all areas of life—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  You can learn more about the organization at their website.

The resulting program is designed as three 12-week sessions per year—winter, spring and fall. Members stay with the same group for an entire session, encouraging and challenging one another to meet their fitness goals. Each weekly group meeting includes a weigh-in, nutritional information, class discussion, Bible study discussion and prayer.

Why Choose First Place 4 Health?

Maybe you are struggling with losing 5 to 10 pounds or are battling obesity. Perhaps you want to increase your knowledge about nutrition, to get help with implementing a consistent exercise plan or to learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle for your family. Whatever your reasons, you'll soon discover that First Place 4 Health is a biblically based, medically trustworthy wellness program that addresses the whole person—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What Is the Cost to Join First Place 4 Health?

The cost for your first 12-week session is $40. which includes your First Place 4 Health registration fee and the Bible study chosen for this session, "Training for Success". The cost for later sessions is $20.